From the moment invitations go out, to coffee service at your last session, we understand that even the smallest of details help shape your guest’s experience.

Anchulee Meetings & Events brings years of industry experience and insider knowledge to give you strategic advantages in planning your meetings and events, including some valuable services that are available at no cost to clients.

We’re in your corner to plan your event efficiently and effectively by securing the ideal venues and hotels, while negotiating the best rates and options. Don’t worry…we’ll cover all the details, big and small. Our capabilities allow us to offer customized levels of support and services to complement any type of program and make our clients shine.


Venue Sourcing

Planners are constantly on the lookout for better ways to execute their next meeting. And sometimes that comes down to selecting the right venue to make it happen.

Meeting & Event Management

Successful events begin with a solid plan. Whether helping develop your event strategy from the start, or providing professional feedback on one your team has created, AM&E will help ensure that your program stays on track and finishes strong.


Going public?  We can help you leave a great impression.

Onsite Support

We’ll help onsite so you can spend your time with clients and guests, and not worry about the logistics.

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