Venue Sourcing

Venue Sourcing

Save Time. Save Money. Minimize Risk. Maximize Flexibility

Even the best organizers can use a helping hand sometimes. Whether you’re planning the annual sales meeting or your company’s executive retreat, venue sourcing is a complex task, even with recent advances in event planning technology. Delegate this task to AM&E, so you can free your time to tackle the larger challenges involved in creating your next event.

We help drive savings, increase your cost certainty, and minimize your financial risk, at NO COST to your organization.

We have the resources to secure the ideal venue at the right price. Our history with leading companies and organizations allows us to optimize professional relationships and offer our clients a variety of options with regard to location, quality, affordability, and amenities.

Research & Selection

Having a successful, well-attended, cost-effective event starts with securing the perfect venue.

Sourcing a property on the Internet for your event can be a little like online dating.  Some of the details you REALLY need to know aren’t always there.

We will streamline the entire search process and narrow down your options to the venues best suited for your event’s timeline, budget, and logistical needs.  You will be presented with only the most relevant selections for your consideration.

Because when it’s YOUR event, you don’t want any surprises.

Let us help you find your perfect match!

Contract Negotiations

We think surprises should come with cake – not with contracts. Our years of industry experience give your team the edge with a solid understanding of dozens of critical contract terms, hard costs and strategies to avoid hidden fees.

There are numerous negotiable terms in a hotel contract that can cost your company a great deal if not handled correctly. We know what to look for. With us in your corner, you can manage costs, anticipate obstacles, and cover even the smallest of details.  We facilitate the bidding process between interested venues, and negotiate the final contract detailing all space requirements, rates, concessions, and risk-associated clauses.

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